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SOROS: Who is he

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I have been considering this for awhile & now that George Soros is trending on Twitter it seems fitting today should be the day.

There are MANY myths and falsehoods surrounding the enigmatic life of Soros.

I will hope to dispel the rumors and add some light of truth.

1) Many claim George Soros was a Nazi.

He was born in 1930 to a wealthy Jewish family in Budapest. His father was a successful lawyer and knew his family was in danger.

So George’s father split up his family, had forged documents created, and gave his son away to be protected.

2) George Soros’ adoptive father took him in as his “Christian” godson.

His “father” was appointed to make the rounds confiscating property from Hungarian Jews who would sadly be sent to their deaths at concentration camps.

14 year old George would accompany his “father”.

3) George Soros was asked by 60 minutes host Steve Kroft if he felt any guilt, any emotion knowing as an adult he had witnessed his “father” confiscate the homes and properties of Jews all those years ago.

Soros’ response? “Not at all. Not at all.”

4) George Soros made his massive fortunes by “shorting” world currencies.

Soros would be known as the man who “Broke the Bank of England” when he successfully hedged against the British pound killing its value.

Millions lost their lifesavings.

Soros made 1 billion dollars.

5) Soros’ hedge fund moves investor’s $14,000,000,000+ worth of investments.

Soros was blamed for sending Asia into a deep depression, destroying Thailand, Indonesia, Japan & even Russia’s economies.

Thailand’s leader called Soros a “moron” & a “criminal”.

Soros laughed.

6) Soros’ feelings on destroying world currencies, and the financial livelihood of countless millions?

“I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.”

7) Respected Wall Street analyst Jim Grant called George Soros a “carnivore of the first order” and said that he is fascinated watching Soros work.

The mass amounts of money Soros bets would “drain the blood from the faces of mere mortals” says Grant.

8) George Soros shifted focus later in life and began a new role as a “Philanthropist”.

Here he is welcomed by the President of Haiti who reads his book.

Who else read Soros’ book?

None other than Former President Bill Clinton himself.

9) George Soros takes a tour of Haiti where many of his millions were first being given away through his “charitable foundation” the George Soros Foundation.

In attendance was the former First Lady Hillary Clinton who proudly introduced Soros to the Haitian people and government

10) A reminder Haiti had high hopes that Soros & the Clintons would rebuild their nation after the results of the hurricanes.

Instead, it is believed millions were pocketed and little to none went to the desperate Haitian people.

The Haitians would protest the Clintons in NY

11) George Soros gives away his billions through non-profit organizations he set up.

The most prominent is the Open Society Foundation, ironically a mysterious org that few know little about

Soros funnels his billions through OSF to influence his political aims around the globe

12) George Soros in late 2017 transferred $18,000,000,000 of his own money into the OSF.

So what DOES the OSF do?

The OSF influences elections, public policy, media, encourages civil unrest to meet its political and socioeconomic agenda around the globe.

13) George Soros and a partner financially founded the liberal group

with $5,000,000

The executive tapped for the role was Zack Exley. Who is he?

Exley previously trained anarchists of the “Ruckus Society” to create violent mobs in places like Seattle.

14) Exley blogged for the Huff Post (Soros funded) & was a Fellow of the Open Society Institute.

Self-acknowledged Communist radical Van Jones (now of CNN) is also linked to Soros. He worked for the Ella Baker society & the Society for American Progress (both funded by Soros).


I need to take a break. This is a MASSIVE expose I am working on.

Stay tuned for part II.

In the meantime please share ALL the tweets in this thread and let the world know who George Soros is.


15) The Open Society Institute is the philanthropic arm of George Soros.

Soros chose Aryeh Neier to head the OSI.

Neier founded the violent activist group SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, known for bombings in the 60’s

Members included Bill Ayers & Tom Hayden

16) At Columbia U George Soros advocated “fixing corrupt” campaign finance laws. OSI spent $123,000,000 to advocate.

Soon after Feingold and McCain created the Feingold-McCain act which limited corporate contributions. 501(c)3s were exempted. Why?

Soros is tied to many 501(c)3s

17) The McCain-Feingold act exempted 501(c)3s, making nonprofits VERY POWERFUL overnight

George Soros is tied to these 501(c)3s:

Media Matters

The Apollo Alliance
Tides Foundation
People for the American Way
Center for American Progress
& more

18) Immediately after 9/11, Soros advocated for police action, not war.

Soros: “War is a false and misleading metaphor in the context of combating terrorism. Crimes require police work, not military action”

With 501(c)3 power, Soros influenced how we conducted our war on terror

19) Days after Obama was elected George Soros set the agenda again.

He called for a “large stimulus package” to provide funds for state and local govt to maintain budgets and avoid deficits.

Obama proposed a 787 Billion dollar stimulus bill

Who wrote it?

The Apollo Alliance

20) George Soros also promoted & pushed for green jobs, Cap & Trade and called for a new energy bill after Obama’s election.

With this bill, Soros promoted tackling global warming and energy independence.

America stood up and said “NO” to Soros for the first time.

21) Understand, George Soros has a POWERFUL influence on American politics and the policies he pushes for.


, etc. are all puppets paid to make it look like there is a “Grassroots movement”.

Really, it is all well orchestrated & well funded.

22) George Soros has publicly stated that he is “willing to put his life on the line” for his goals for his vision of the world.

For him, the ends justify the means.

But what IS his goal? Let’s see that in the next tweet.

23) George Soros’ goal is globalization.

But there is a roadblock.

In Soros’ own words: “The main obstacle to a stable and just World Order is THE UNITED STATES”

We, America, are his obstacle towards his goals, his vision for the world as he wants it.

Is it making sense now?

24) George Soros not only collapses currencies (remember earlier?), he also overthrows governments he doesn’t support.

The Velvet Revolution in Czech Republic
The Orange Revolution in Ukraine
The Rose Revolution in Georgia

He engineered coups in Slovakia, Croatia, & Yugoslavia.

25) Political analysts and experts familiar with George Soros see that he is forming a shadow party (Deep state, anyone?) that mirrors the type of party within a party seen in countries just before he runs a coup.

Soros’ Center for American Progress was the first “Shadow Party”.

26) George Soros has called for the decline of the US Dollar.

He has called for an end to capitalism.

He has called for an end to borders.

He says America stands in the way to a fair and just World Order.

Do you get it now?

Soros’ #1 priority is destroying the USA.

27) George Soros is considered such a threat he & his Open Society Foundation have been banned by the following countries:

Hong Kong
Hungary (his own birth country!!!)

28) It is impossible to know all of who & what George Soros funds & supports.

From the evidence presented, he has the power to manipulate currencies and overthrow governments.

The US is Soros’ final obstacle.

We stand in the way of his ultimate goal: a New World Order.



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