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Focusing on Sameness Rather Than Difference – The Only Way to Save This Planet Is to Find What Binds Us, What We Have in Common and Unite in Our Way Forward

If there is one thing we need to do if we want to make any sort of difference in the world, change the dystopian path we are on, move towards a brighter future for humanity and our planet – it is working together.

I see people bickering over the smallest of things. When they discuss an event from a certain angle that might signal foul play or a conspiracy is at work, they will fight each other endlessly over the details, over the political motivations, over who has done what, who is right and who is wrong.

Delving into the details of geopolitical events, world happenings, even philosophical questions is wonderful. But as we do so we have to acknowledge that when we do get into the details, disagreements will almost always be present. When it comes to looking deeply at any situation, story, happening, existential question, metaphysical discussion,….. we are bound to have different viewpoints, different perceptions when we look at the very heart of the issue. And that’s OK. We all should learn that in order to move forward, agreeing to disagree is fine. Holding on to some viewpoint and making it a part of your identity is what creates the madness, the resistance, the desire for endless bickering and drama. The desire to be right, to feel better, smarter than others, to prove them wrong – the unchecked ego in all of us.

But no matter how much we disagree on deeper aspects of what is actually happening on this planet, I think there are plenty of things we can agree on. If people are willing to debate in peace and with a friendly vibe, debate is good – but even then it is important to find the things that we all think matter, that we all think are real and need to change.

The crux of humanity is that we are divided. We are being endlessly divided and we are dividing ourselves up with our own attitude and unchecked egotistic tendencies.

If we unite and focus on what we truly agree on needs to change, if we forget our differences and instead seek our commonalities – we CAN make a difference.

If there is one thing about those with unchecked power, it is that they seem to work with far more unity than us. A friend of mine recently remarked – “Even the darkness is working together, yet us, we that are meant to bring light into this world are endlessly bickering and cannot find any true common ground.” I agree. If we cannot find common ground, how can we make any significant change?

Thus I ask of you – next time you are debating with anyone, when you participate in any discussion, whether it is in real life or on a forum – seek to find the things you agree on and do not dwell on opinions that divide you.

Seek to find commonalities, not differences. This is the only true way to move forward.

What would you say we can all agree on?

The following is by no means an exhaustive list and is simply my perspective on what I’ve observed throughout the years of being in this and similar communities:

I would say the vast majority of us want the endless wars and killing of innocents to stop. Wars for resources, wars waged for geopolitical means, for territorial control, for spreading a certain ideology (including the ideology of “freedom” and “democracy”, which can many times be far from that), wars that fuel arms sales and are good for business and the financing of the military industrial complex….

I would guess we want massive corruption and lobbying by special interest groups in the higher echelons of our society to cease.

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, I am sure nobody wants to continue polluting our planet and destroying our wonderful biosphere, cutting down rainforests, creating rampant air pollution, endless smog, destroying the supply of our drinking water, creating mass extinction of wildlife population…

I doubt people support the mass creation of autonomous military technology, drones that could be controlled and placed into the hands of a small elite, an elite that could, especially with advanced AI, program them to literally become their own personal army, wardens of a new prison society, a new prison planet.

I doubt people want the poisoning of our food with endless chemicals and pesticides, when approaches like permaculture farming (linked is a truly miraculous story of how permaculture changes lives and nature, yields amazing healthy crops with minimal human labour) etc. are available to give us a healthy and plentiful supply of crops.

I believe people do not want to be a part of a mass surveillance state, a state where every piece of information, every little detail about you is known, sold and used for purposes that I am sure many of you would never condone, purposes that go far beyond mere advertising. Do we forget what is happening in China at the moment? The Social Credit System combined with their total surveillance state is in full swing. The Chinese are not protesting this or resisting. Do you wish this to be a reality in your own country?

To top it off, I think people are inherently good and I think most of us want a society based on this goodness, based on empathy and compassion, based on the golden rule of reciprocity. The vast majority of us are capable of empathy and are not psychopaths or sociopaths. But many of us have forgotten the importance of practising compassion, the art of stepping into another’s shoes, of seeing things from another’s perspective. Compassion and empathy could save this planet. If we were able to look at things from a perspective beyond anger, resentment and fear, we could come really far. I think most of us want this world to become a place where empathy is the norm, not the exception.

I think most of us also desire to be happy, at peace and fulfilled within. Here I can only give you my personal perspective, but to me, I have found that true happiness, peace, freedom and love lie within all of us. They are, in my view, our natural state, that has been fogged up by the massive social conditioning, physical, mental and emotion poison and pain that is thrown at the vast majority of us almost from birth. Rare escape this conditioning. But with introspection, meditative practices, letting go, eating healthy, coming in touch with nature, spending time in a natural environment, being purposefully creative and expressing oneself in a way that benefits not only them, but the whole, expanding one’s compassion towards all of life, being altruistic….this can be healed. You can slowly come back to your natural state of happiness and well-being. That for which no real cause or external stimulus is required. If we could come to this and create from this space, miracles could happen.

(for more of my perspective on the last two points, you can check out my thoughts on happiness, freedom, love, peace, spirituality and similar topics on my blog)

I know you may not agree with certain points on this list. That is OK.

Still, it is important to know, focus and find the major points that we can all see as true.

Debate the details, but do not dwell on the differences of perspective that arise. Allow yourself to agree to disagree. Let us shape a common way forward.

Whenever you meet with someone that may not agree with you on some of your more fringe perspectives on reality (and trust me, I know how that’s like, as I have some views on certain topics that would be considered very fringe to the majority), let that go and don’t try to bicker and convince him or her that you are right and they are wrong. Try to find an entry point to what they can accept as true and find common ground. Then move from there.

We can make it. But we have to be united to do so.

United we stand, divided we will surely fall.

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