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HEARING: Strzok is lying about practically everything.

Strzok admitted to FBI’s (and his own) extreme animus while investigating Trump. Strzok has been caught in over a dozen lies.

BREAKING: Strzok just blew his legal cover while responding in detail to Dem Jackson-Lee’s question re why he was so amped up re Trump & Russia in Oct 2016. Now he can no longer claim he can’t talk about substance or formation of Crossfire Hurricane probe on advice of FBI counsel.

BREAKING: Strzok says IG Horowitz left it up to him and Lisa Page to turn over any work-related messages on their Gmail and iMessages, and Horowitz simply trusted them when they said there were no such messages — even though Horowitz says in report he knew some WERE work-related.

Strzok & Page didn’t just text, they also used iMessage (imsg), a built-in instant message service on Apple devices, to scheme during Clinton & Trump probes. The real smoking guns are contained in their iMessages.The IG knew these messages work-related, yet he never obtained them.

BREAKING: Strzok was so angry & paranoid about agency leaks & criticism about how he was trying to bury the pile of new evidence on Weiner’s laptop to save Hillary’s presidential hopes that he actually weighed spying on & criminally investigating FORMER agents & FORMER executives.


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