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How being a video editor for pro wrestling has changed how I view the world.

Silly title I know, but follow me hear, there’s a lesson to be learned…

So for going on three years now, I have been working for a well known independent wrestling orginization (essentially the minor leagues) doing their video editing. I won’t reveal the name in effort to hide my identity, but the only clue I’ll give is I am currently working on footage from this past saturdays show.

Now, onto how this all relates to conspiracy stuff. Well, it all falls on selective editing, or manipulating footage to get teh emotional reaction you are looking for. Fan or not, it’s pretty well known that pro wrestling is heavily storyline based, there’s good guys, and bad guys, and tweeners. One issue every company has, including WWE, is maintaining the popularity of the good guys, while keeping the heat on the bad guys. Very often a bad guy becomes so good at portraying his character that the fans start to support them. They’ll cheer your villain, and boo your stories hero, and now your left with footage that gives off the opposite emotion of what you had intended. That’s where I come in. Very often I have to manipulate the footage to put out a final result that tells the story we wanted it to. That means cutting out crowd reactions, or replacing it with boos from a seperate segment, cutting out the lines that made the bad guys get cheered, or editing out the parts that make the good guy look weak. This is something that WWE has been known to do frequently. Antoher outlet I have noticed using similar techniques…MSM news outlets.

Being a video editor it has become impossible to watch anything without noticing the editing within it, it makes it difficult to actually enjoy the story sometimes. I give major credit to a show that can actually grasp my attention to the story and not the editing (Game of Thrones is an example of one that keeps me in viewer mode more often than not) But when I am watching the news, I am in full editors mind set. Every video clip shown, every opinion room an average Joe, every breaking story explained has me asking a long list of questions. “Why did you start the clip there and not earlier” “why did you cut out sentences from what this person was saying?” “Why did avoid showing certain material relating to the story.” It all goes back to what my goal is in editing wrestling. Make your heroes look strong, and your villains look evil.

A few examples of this from recent events. There’s a Project Veritas video (often criticized for using the same editing techniques I’m reffering to) about CNN. Within it they show a segment on voter fraud, and ask a pannel of average people about their opinions on it. When they ask the right wing voter his opinion of it, he gives some nonsensical, all over the place response, which capped off with the line “it’s all over the place, just look on the internet.” At first glance you would think this guy was a nut job, but the Project Veritas video goes on to show the leaked raw/un-edited audio from that interview. In the audio, the guys full response is actually coherent, he mentions that he was a poll worker, and when he says check the internet, he lists specific sources to do more research on the topic. All of that was cut from the interview, and each clip creates 2 very different “characters” of the same person. Another example was the whole Trump Koy Pond thing, where the internet blasted him for dumping an entire cup of fish food into a Koy Pond, but shortly after, the full video was released which actually showed the Japanese Prime Minister doing the exact same thing seconds before, and Trump followed suit. (allow me to just clear the air, I am not a Trump supporter, didn’t vote for him, but I don’t jump blindly into this Trump hate without research)

The moment that really opened my eyes for me, was the Democratic Convention’s second day, after the massive Bernie Walk Out. There were reports and photos coming in of empty seats, paid seat fillers and plants, as well as use of camera angles, sound manipulation, crowd placement to create the illusion of a packed house. These are all things that WWE is known to do, and that I have had to work with my self. To the average viewer, this stuff is unknown, and they may never even think of any of these things when viewing the news, taking in the information they’re being fed without question. Their hero looks strong, their enemy looks evil, and they continue about their day…never realizing that the real world is just as fake and scripted as pro wrestling.

OP: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/8qgh0x/how_being_a_video_editor_for_pro_wrestling_has/

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