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In the Information Age, Ignorance is INDOLENCE of the mind.

In the Information Age,

Ignorance is INDOLENCE of the mind.

Flex your critical thinking muscle by actually using your brain to research the issues and Find THE FACTS and TRUTH.
Then, Ready & Well-Armed with Information
Stand your ground against the Thought Police.
If we’re going to be free thinkers, we have to stop using the phrase conspiracy theory as a pejorative.
“Conspiracy theory” is a invented term by Alan Dulles to lambaste anyone who questions the official narrative.
Everyone knows we can’t listen or trust government or media outlets to tell us the truth.
It’s time that conspiracy theorists became a badge of honor when proven correct.
“Conspiracy Theory”=CIA Psyop Ad Hominem Dismissal Tactic
to get you to disregard your hypothesis; or to be publicly ridiculed.
The Term “Conspiracy Theory” Was Invented by the CIA In Order To Prevent Disbelief of Official Government Stories.
In today’s world, the phrase “conspiracy theory” is pejorative and has a negative connotation. To many people, a conspiracy theory is an irrational, over-imaginative idea endorsed by people looking for attention and not supported by the mainstream media or government.
History shows, though, that there have been many times when governments or individuals have participated in conspiracies.
It would be naïve to think that intelligence agencies, militaries, government officials, and politicians don’t sometimes cooperate in covert, secretive ways.
Question: “Oh you’re a conspiracy theorist?”
Answer: “I research Organized Crime.”

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