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Johnson and Grassley call out CIA Director Gina Haspel for failing to turn over Trump-Russia documents.

Johnson and Grassley call out CIA Director Gina Haspel for failing to turn over Trump-Russia documents.

October 7, 2020
The Honorable Gina Haspel
Central Intelligence Agency
Dear Director Haspel:
On July 28, 2020, we provided you a list of outstanding oversight requests pertaining to
our review of Crossfire Hurricane. In that letter, we requested your assistance in producing
records that are within your jurisdiction and requested that they be produced in a timely and
complete manner. More than two months later, we still have not received any of the requested
records that we detailed in that letter.
We both voted to confirm your nomination as Director of CIA, in no small part based on
the following statements you made during your confirmation hearing:
As both a career intelligence officer and as an American citizen, I am a
strong believer in the importance of oversight. Simply put, experience has
taught us that CIA cannot be effective without the people’s trust, and we
cannot hope to earn that trust without the accountability that comes with
Congressional oversight.
. . .
If confirmed as Director, I will uphold the Agency’s obligations to
Congress and ensure that oversight works on behalf of the American
Your apparent unwillingness to speak with us on this matter contradicts your testimony.
Both of us fully expected you to honor the commitment you made, but we are becoming
increasingly disappointed by the CIA’s continued inability to timely respond to our legitimate
oversight requests. Your staff met only once with our staff to discuss these requests, and CIA
has not produced a single document in response. Moreover, your agency has ignored multiple
requests to schedule a phone call to discuss our oversight letter.
For example, although we have requested all intelligence reporting provided or made
available to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team, we have not received any responsive
documents. Yet we know that such information exists and recent revelations from them are
disturbing. This cannot continue – the American public has a right to know about the rampant
mistakes and biased decisions that occurred during the Obama administration that undermined a
peaceful transition of power.
The Honorable Gina Haspel
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Indeed, just last week and yesterday, more information has come to light regarding the
CIA’s involvement in Crossfire Hurricane. Recently declassified documents show that the CIA
apparently made an investigative referral to the FBI on September 7, 2016, regarding
information about Hillary Clinton’s “approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate
Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public
from her use of a private email server.” According to the referral, the CIA provided this
information to FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. The
referral stated that the information was gleaned from the “Crossfire Hurricane fusion cell” and
was, in part, for “investigative action.” Our oversight requests to CIA calling for the production
of this information have been outstanding for months. From these reports, it is clear that the CIA
has information in its possession that is relevant to the FBI’s activities and our investigation into
this matter.
The American people have a right to know the full extent of official action taken by
federal officials during the 2016 campaign, the presidential transition, and into the Trump
administration. The information that has already been made public reveals what might be the
most outrageous abuse of power in U.S. history against a presidential candidate and sitting
president. Unfortunately, many of the puzzle pieces remain hidden, and some of that
information rests within your agency. We are concerned that your agency has thus far failed to
respond in full to our oversight requests.
We expect full compliance with our July 28, 2020, letter and request that it be done no
later than October 9, 2020. If the material is classified, it can be produced in an appropriate
setting. Further delay is unacceptable.

Ron Johnson
Senate Committee on Homeland Security
and Governmental Affairs
Charles E. Grassley
Senate Finance Committee


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